Concentration: 15% Made in the USA


The Ideal Image Solutions company produces lotions contains 15% of minoxidil

Lotion with 15% of minoxidil

Lotion with 15% of minoxidil

Spoil yourself, restore your hair completely by using IIS products which contains azelaic acid and minoxidil concentration 15%. The product helps despite sad doctors forecast and the pitiful sympathy from colleagues and friends.  Your new look completely shatter their view of the world

Price: 1 piece .- 26 $


Lotion with 15% of minoxidil 3 pieces

Blocking dihydrotestosterone, activation of follicles, increasing microcirculation, and improved transport of minoxidil 15 percent. All of these happen invisibly to us with the regular use of IIS for men. регулярном применении средства IIS для мужчин. The eye-catch only the direct result of the therapy: the stop of the hair loss, the disappearance of the bald spots.

Price: 3 pieces .- 74.70 $

Minoxidil wholesale

Lotion with minoxidil wholesale

The universal restoring hair lotion with 15% concentration of minoxidil successfully solves the problem of the presence of androgenic alopecia. It allows women and men to forget about the intense thinning of the hair. It helps to grow a great beard for the men.

Price: wholesale from 30 pieces – 20.37 $ per piece

миноксидил оптом

What is the Hair Growth Cycle? Learn the 4 phases of hair growth.

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