What is minoxidil?

What is minoxidil: learn about the secrets of the crystalline solid

Cure for baldness

The discoveries that can turn over the world usually are happened by accident. Let’s remember Archimedes’ bath or Newton’s Apple.

In the last century, such scientific events became minoxidil and the identification of its properties to restore the hair growth even in the case of alopecia adnata.

First, the synthesized crystalline solid was included in the composition of tablets to lower blood pressure by scientists. The restoring of the hair, stopping hair loss and recovery follicles – all of these occur as a pleasant side effect after taking the drug.

Yesterday and today: optimal effect to the hair in a suitable form

minoxidil for everybody
minoxidil for everybody

The fame of the only ingredient, that can get rid of the androgenic alopecia, didn’t immediately come.

The manufacturing of the cure for the hair loss with 20% or 30% concentration of minoxidil in the form of a cream was stopped because it didn’t have any direct results. Tablets in some cases can be a cause of not only pleasant effects but also discomfort and can contain dangerous side effects: retain fluid, allergy, and tachycardia.

Lotions with 5%, 2%, 3%, 10%, 15% concentration of minoxidil become the real rescue for men and women in many countries.
It’s in this form the restoring hair crystalline solid was officially approved by the American supervisory department FDA.

Right now minoxidil is also included in the composition of restoring sprays and foams.

Why does hair begin to grow

Stages of hair growth
Stages of hair growth

At the level of physiology, the cause of unexpectable thinning and extreme hair loss is the excess of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When you use PHS products as well as other cure for baldness with minoxidil, the restoring occurs because of the combined effect of drugs.

Regardless of the degree of concentration of the crystalline solid in solution, the regularly using of lotions is the cause of positive external and internal changes:

  • microcirculation in the scalp increases;
  • follicles recover because of regular and active blood flow
  • the process of the reduction in the size of the follicles stops;
  • the duration of the stage of the growth of every hair increase;
  • the activity of 5-alpha-reductase is blocked;

During the treatment with a 2% concentration of the solution or with products with a higher concentration of the substance, the transformation of testosterone is stopped.

The expert restoring of: rules of using lotions

How to use the lotion
How to use the lotion

If you doubt in the choice of a restoring drug, we recommend going to a trichologist. Managers of the online-store are ready to give advice about the features of every product that is included in the catalog.

After the choice and purchasing a hair growth product with minoxidil you should remember the instruction of using the lotion and follow it correctly.

  • The solution is designed for external use.
  • For the effective restore, the product (1 ml) applies along the side parting, then diagonally along the area of the bangs and the occipital zone also diagonally.
  • After distribution of the lotion along the whole area of the head, you should slightly massage it.
  • For the first 3 weeks courses of intensive massage, including hardware massage, in the treated zone are prohibited.
  • The procedure of applying the product with a 5% concentration of the restoring substance is usually carried out overnight the optimal time of action is 6-8 hours.In the case of higher concentration (10%, 15%) the product is used twice a day.

In the morning you can wash your hair with the usual shampoo, although during the minoxidil treatment hair stays in its usual appearance.

What are the contraindications

Researches for the decades have confirmed the safety of minoxidil. But if you have wounds, scratches, burns, or skin irritations in the area of hair covering you should defer the start of the treatment. First, you should wait while your skin injuries have healed. PHS lotions as well as products from other brands, are prohibited to use during the pregnancy period and breastfeeding.

Because of the vasodilatory effect of the basic component these restoring products aren’t recommended to people with coronary heart disease because there is a risk of exacerbating the disease.

This side effects also is possible with a tendency to arterial hypotension. But don’t associate the cause of any illness with the treatment your hair with minoxidil and don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to improve your own appearance, return mental comfort and harmony.

Reviews and recommendations of doctors: cases from practice

Gureva Yu. M.

The well-known medicine point of view: we recommended to people with androgenetic alopecia the treatment with minoxidil. But there are some exceptions. My patient lost a lot of hair because of the aggressive rival, some hairs were uprooted.

Warning that a miracle may not happen and restore the hair also may not happen I recommended her a product with a 5% concentration of minoxidil.

The miracle happened!

But I strongly don’t recommend repeating this experience without consultation with your trichologist!

Mirkin V. V.

Faced with 2 mistakes of patients. Some of them stop using the product with minoxidil for baldness too early.

They often wait for direct results after a week of the start of the treatment…But the obvious restoring can be observed only after 2-4 months of regularly using the lotion.

The second mistake is panic and the stopping of rubbing the product after observing of hair loss, which sometimes can become more intense.

I always warn my patients about the possibility of this temporary effect (usually it occurs during 1-2 weeks) and explain the reason.

Without going into medical terminology, we can say that the situation is similar to the loss of baby teeth.

During the growth of the new hair, the old ones seem to be pushed out, clearing the way for renewed, healthy hair.

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