Azelaic acid

Amazing azelaic acid: the action of organic matter

Healthy hair
Healthy hair

Psychologists consider that it’s hardly productive to study the composition of hair growth products by yourself. The subconscious often remembers stereotypes or just common in everyday life communicating concepts and transfers them to new phrases and words by analogy.

Because of it when you see azelaic acid during the reading of the list of components of the restoring lotions, it may be the cause of your incomprehensible sensations. The cause is banal: the word “acid” is subconsciously associated with the taste of lemon without sugar or a premonition of danger.

Get rid of this and take a step closer to the hair restoring:
the action of azelaic acid is useful; with minoxidil it can work miracles.

This organic matter prevents the functioning of a harmful enzyme (5-alpha-reductase).

The result of such blocking:

  • the transformation of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone stops;
  • the concentration of DHT of the scalp reduces;
  • the loss of the hair stops;
  • new hair begins to grow on the bald spots.

The structure of azelaic acid and the restore of the hair covering

The azelaic acid molecule differs from testosterone in the structure but its influence on the functionality of 5-alpha-reductase is irreversible.

How drugs with azelaic acid effect at the molecular level:

  • the numerous molecules of this non-specific competitive inhibitor surrounds the dangerous for your hair enzyme;
  • occur their involuntary absorption;
  • under the influence of the organic acid, reductase is deactivated;
  • the harmful enzyme is deprived of an opportunity to connect with testosterone and turn it into DHT.

The standard concentration of azelaic acid of the growth hair products is 5%. In comparison, finasteride is added in a much smaller volume in preparation with minoxidil (the usual concentration is 0,1%).

But it would be a mistake to think, that because of this the latter substance is more effective than the first one. The molecular structure of finasteride and testosterone is similar so much, so the inhibition of 5-alpha-reductase is based on other principles.

Doctors’ opinion about the using of the organic matter

Doctors ' opinions
Doctors ‘ opinions

The accessibility of azelaic acid open a field for dangerous experiments on yourself. During enhanced hair loss men and women make bad decisions even begin to rub the substance in its pure form on the scalp. The trichologists warn on such decisions. All their reviews of azelaic acid are similar in one thing: external use to the restoring hair you should use the substance only in a diluted form, for example, with natural oil.

The best option is the treatment with lotions, serums that contain minoxidil and organic acid. The advantage of this option is not only effective, restoring the effect of these two substances, but also their accurate and carefully calibrated dosage which is had closely followed by manufacturers.

Frequently asked questions to trichologists

– Does azelaic acid, which is a part of the lotions, make marks on the hair?
– No, it doesn’t. Brushing, hair care, creating hairstyles all of these happen as usual.

– Are there any side effects?
– Possible with hypersensitive of the scalp. You can feel burning, tingling, sensation of dryness. Less tan 1% of men and women experience such symptoms.

– If the lotion with minoxidil contains azelaic acid, does this accelerate the impact?
– It doesn’t accelerate, but it strengthens the effect. Anyway, you have to take a course of treatment during 2-4 months. Only after it you can observe the growth of renewed, healthy, strong and thick hair.

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