Analyze the causes and symptoms: types of alopecia

Types of alopecia
Types of alopecia

Analyze the causes and symptoms: types of alopecia. Internal disharmony, the sense of hopelessness, the subconscious desire to hide from society – such unpleasant emotions closely relate to the beautifully-sounding word alopecia – scientific definition of the baldness. When men, women, teenagers face the challenge, they feel with everything inside of them that it’s not only pathological hair loss but also a serious psychological problem.

About the forms and individual nature of the illness

Catholic monk
Catholic monk

Hair has been an attribute of beauty and the pride of men and women for millennia. Many rituals and beliefs are associated with them. Clear examples: shave the hair on the head as gestures of grief; catholic monk until the 70s.Catholic monks until the 70s. XX century, as you know, cut a circle on the head as a symbol of repudiating worldly temptations.

Now the mystical role of the gorgeous curly locks of hair or mop of straight hair, bushy braids don’t have such particular importance. But as a part of a chic image and emotional calm, they are necessary.

Is your hair thinning up and bald spots are appearing? Do you think that regain your gorgeous appearance impossible? Put aside your doubts and firstly read about the types of alopecia: fear can inflate the issue when it doesn’t exist.

Found out a match with the symptoms, don’t get upset. The restoring treatment have been developed and successfully tasted for different types of this illness.

Androgenic alopecia.

The illness is expressed in thinning of the hair and hair loss in the area of the central parting for women. For men, as the rule, the frontal and parietal areas of the head go bald.


In this case, the loss is observed on the separate areas of the head.

Total form of the illness.

They call such type of alopecia, in which men and women lose hair all over the head.


In this type of the illness, the hair can fall out not only the head but also on the body.

According to the degree of expression and stage of alopecia, in which loss of hair is more than 50% and less than 50%.

The norm of hair loss is a natural falling out of from 50 to 150 hairs because on their place begin grow the new ones.

The breaking down of life-cycle of follicles signals about the presence of the illness.

In this case, the growth of the new hair instead of fallen out ones doesn’t occur or occur but not in every case.

To the issue of the role of hormones and the unique nature of baldness.

A bald man
A bald man

A known fact: the level of male hormones in the body influences the appearance and progression of androgenic type of alopecia: the conversations about elevated sexuality of going bald or completely bald men have a completely scientific basis.

But at the same time, everybody has the different sensitivity of follicles to an elevated level of androgens, so in this case someone may become bald, and someone may not.

For men follicles, which have the most sensitivity to this hormone, are situated along the growth boundary hairline and also on the top of the head that’s why men have the characteristic form of baldness.

For women, such follicles are situated on over surface of the head, so when women have an androgen form of alopecia, they don’t have bald spots.

Sadly, but the illness develops regardless of gender and age.Also, it can affect the eyebrows and beard.

Bald spots grow and move. There is a decent chance that this type of illness may be genetic.

Doctors suppose that the focal form of alopecia has autoimmune character: in this case, the body itself prevents the growth of hairs.

The tinea disease, secondary syphilis, discoid lupus erythematosus, trichotillomania can give the same consequences.

Why does your hair fall out and bald spots appear?

Hair falls out
Hair falls out

When identifying and analyzing signs of alopecia it’s important to don’t mistake the cause and the consequence of what’s happening. It’s known that the female hormone estrogen contributes to the growth of the hair on the head, but slow down their growth on the body and face.
During the gestation period, this hormone is extremely abundant in the body, that’s why hair can live longer than usual.

After the birth of a baby, the level of these hormones in the women’s blood decreases, and hair begins to fall out – but it just returns to its normal growth circle.

The cause of severe hair loss may be stress.At this time, its growth slows down. The part of follicles stops their activity.

After a while, the hair falls out from them, but the new one doesn’t hurry to grow.

Though it looks like baldness, but in this case, it’s only a temporary phenomenon.

Among the real causes of alopecia, which is confirmed by decades of researches and practices of trichologists, beauticians, plastic surgeons, and therapists in most countries of the world, doctors identify the following reasons.

1) The increase of male hormones in the blood leads to the pathological hair loss in 90% of cases.

The excess of dihydrotestosterone leads to the decrease of activity of follicles resulting in the illness begins. As the rule, it cames about for men, but women aren’t the exception.

2) The second cause –  autoimmune disease. In this case, our immune system begins to fight with the follicle, considering that they are alien and dangerous for the body.

Lymphocytes begin to attack them and it leads to the slowing of their activity, and then stop their activity at all. As soon as the immune system stops attacking them, the hair can restore.

3) Nervous disorders, for example, trigeminal nerve irritation also can be a cause of different types of alopecia.

Some infections (dental disease diseases of the nasopharynx, tonsils and ovaries), an abnormal activity of endocrine glands (ovarities, thyroid), a systematic disease of connective tissue, injury scalp also increase the risk of going bald.

4) Some skin diseases can be a cause of cicatrix alopecia when follicles are destroyed and replaced by connective tissue.

Seborrhea is also a risk factor as nodular trehalose. There is also a mucimous form of illness.

Symptoms are a round shape of bald sports, in which eczema, pigmentation spots, and papules appear.

Also, diencephalic syndrome sometimes can be the cause of the illness.

There is also alopecia adnata, which has hereditary causes.

The causes of this illness can be divided into two groups: external and internal.

Injuries of scalp, infections, stress are related to external causes and internal ones include autoimmune, hormonal, and genetic ones.

Accordingly, mechanisms of baldness differ because of different causes.

When baldness begins at the age of 25 – 30 it’s considered as early alopecia.

As the rule its causes are genetic or hormonal factors. Also, fashion long-term unbalanced diet and using of hormonal contraceptives influence on it.

Beautiful hair
Beautiful hair

The healthy abundant and long hair always draw men’s attention. Especially now when such hairstyles becoming increasingly rare.

And, although women pay less attention to men’s appearance, especially their hair, for men the fear of loss of the hair worries them even more than the loss of the job.

Psychologists approve that this fear is similar to the fear of impotence in its intensity.

We recommend to stop this self-destruction and restore your hair with PHS products – lotions with different concentration of minoxidil.

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